The Story So Far

There was a period from the 1970’s to 2000 when visitors to Nawalgarh were few and far in between. Most of the well known Marwari families like the Podars , Morarkas, etc, had migrated and were now settled in Metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. The only reason for the erstwhile residents to visit Nawalgarh ,was for Mundan (a hair cutting ritual for new babies) or due to some other traditional compulsion. Most Havelis were looked after by caretakers who sometimes converted into illegal occupiers and were difficult to remove from the premises.

Given this background, the Koolwal family decided to convert the the colonial structure known as “Koolwal Kothi” into a Heritage Hotel. The restoration work was completed in the year 2008 and a a tie up with ITC under heir banner Welcomheritage was finalized. This gave the Hotel visibility on the world map and access to the worldwide marketing network of ITC Hotels.

Till this point, the hotel had 10 rooms and a small Cafe. The restoration work of the old structure was completed with the help of Intach Architects Mr Divay Gupta & his Team.

The hotel attracted group business from FTO’s and other tour operators.Soon it became apparent that the existing capacity was insufficient to cater to larger groups and resulted in loss of business.In the year 2010 another 8 rooms and a full fledged Restaurant & Bar called “FRESCO” were added. Around this time, a swimming pool was also added to the property. The picturesque pool, surrounded by trees all around, is a highlight of the property and has been appreciated by several visitors for its unique look.

As the hotel become increasingly popular on the tourist circuit,  it became necessary to add another 8 rooms in the property. This expansion was completed in the year 2018.  Along with these rooms a conference hall was also added in the basement. This has enabled the hotel to grow its MICE business. Presently we are the only Hotel in Nawalgarh offering this facility.

The ground floor rooms are uniquely designed in villa like format and include a small mezzanine floor known as “Du Chatti” in local parlance. These rooms are one of a kind and in great demand always.