Temple Tour

Shri Rani Sati Mandir in Jhunjhunu
Has a history of more than 400 years and is a commanding testimony to feminine bravery and motherhood with rich tales of history that captivate the fancy of all tourists.

Heritage Walk

The ancient town of Nawalgarh has the maximum havelis
The ancient town of Nawalgarh has the maximum havelis compared to any other town in Shekhawati. Every bylane has something to offer and a morning walk soon becomes “ A voyage of discovery”

Horse, Camel Safari & Jeep Safari

The hotel can arrange on your request a Jeep, Camel or a Horse Safari.
Cruising through the desert, passing small villages, interacting with the locals, and passing through the wilderness will give you a sense of adventure. Safaris are one of the best ways you can cover the vast expanses of the country side.

Tal Chhapar

The word ‘Tal’ means plain land.
Asia’s Great Blackbug Century – 70 Km, is situated on the fringes of Thar Desert.

WELCOME TO Koolwal Kothi

The Koolwal Kothi is an impressive heritage building in Nawalgarh.

The city of Nawalgarh was founded by Nawal Singh, the fourth of the five brothers in 1737 AD on existing village of Kaim Khanis. He built a fort, the Gopinath temple and surrounded the town with a fortification wall.